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Beard, mustache, and other pricklies. Trimmer for beard and mustache.

In the third millennium can not be afraid to look old-fashioned, wearing a mustache, beard and sideburns. Modern fashion trends are such that no matter how you decide to mow them, it will look stylish.

The fact that these masculine attributes does not exist any certain fashion trends. The only thing, perhaps, limit - this beard sample the best portraits of Leo Tolstoy, unkempt long beard. Growing a beard this, you'll always look out of place and not fashionable. But neatly cropped "goat" or "Dali" barbs will never lose its relevance. One should not forget about the "three-day stubble," which is especially popular in our time.

What bearded style to choose?

Grow a beard easy. It is difficult to understand what its form will be ideally suited to your face. The ideal option would of course be to consult a physician, but not everyone has to accept such. Therefore, there are some universal rules that help to choose the right individual "hair" on the chin. You should know that the beard perfectly knows how to hide many facial imperfections and emphasize them, as well as old, even very young people, which do not always want to get the young guys. Beard in a cone shape visually lengthens the round chins, wide, in contrast, is able to soften the sharp facial features.

style beard

Giving the vegetation on the chin certain forms, you need to consider the color of his beard, because he does not always coincide with the color of the hair. In that case, if the hair on the chin too dark, it is better to refrain from wearing beards enough volume. Big beard is not very profitable stand out from the face. Wide and voluminous beard - a privilege of people who color hair on the chin or bright red. Beards that color does not set off the face like a dark brown and black.

Wearing a broad beard contraindicated low people - it makes them look fabulous dwarves and looks ridiculous. Tall people should choose thin elongated shape beards because they visually lengthen the face. People are free to choose the medium height absolutely any style of beard - it does not adversely affect their appearance.

Beard - as a child, for it too needs care

Beards - this thing is not for the lazy. Has long ceased to be relevant phrase: "Everything! Going on vacation and grow a beard! ". Man, beard, is not spared from daily shaving, as it may seem at first glance. Take care of the beard is much more complicated than just shave. Need to know what a beautiful well-groomed beard - it's a great work, which will require the acquisition of numerous additional funds. This distant Soviet times cosmetics for care of the beard was a huge deficit, which could reach only a speculative price. The modern market is flooded with a variety of aromatic essential oils and shampoos for beards. Especially important are the aromatic oils and hygiene products for smokers bearded, hair that is easy to absorb the smell of tobacco smoke.

However, wash and perfume his beard - it's not the end of the case. Do not forget about combing and grooming. Perfect Care beard, of course, can only provide professional stylists. However, the services are too expensive to appeal to them on a regular basis. That is why men who have decided to grow a beard, have become a professional barber, if they want to vegetation on their chins look beautiful and stylish. And here certainly can not do without additional costs.

BorodyNa haircut for many centuries the only instrument for haircuts beards were scissors. Can you imagine how uncomfortable your own scissors to cut his beard and how easy it is in the process spoil the shape of their beards, cut off the excess?

In order to make the perfect beard with a simple razor and scissors, you need to be a real maestro hairdressing. It is for this reason that mankind has invented a device with which anyone can easily take care of his beard at a high professional level. Called this magic machine - trimmer. Most of us are familiar with the trimmers since childhood. It is they buzz us over the ear hair stylists, making "direct" or "oblique" temple.

The main objective of the trim - a hair cut, but it does not mean that they can not use the clippers beard. Some of the world's leading manufacturers of trimmers are extremely multifunctional. They have a special nozzle and trimming eyebrows, or even to remove hair from the nose and ears. Beard men would not be able to do without personal trimmer including the best 2014 men's body shaver.

Nozzle, allowing the hair to leave well-defined length, useful not only for those who prefer a short cut like "under the C grade", but also those who wear a beard. After selecting the size of nozzles on the trimmer, you'll always have a well-groomed beard neatly tonsure, without spending more than 2 minutes per day.

However, there are some disadvantages trimmers, if it is not a special trimmer for trimming beards. For example, the pull-out or pop-up trimmer that modern firms often supplement their electric shavers, absolutely not designed for the care of a sufficiently dense vegetation. They, of course, very practical because it does not take up much space, but are used to trim the whiskey or very short mustache and beard. Department also trims are very convenient for the comprehensive care of appearance.

However, the wired device with a huge variety of tools and extras take up much space. In addition, increased functional load somewhat reduces the quality of his work. But for versatility versatile trimmers often forgive and small flaws in the work, as well as large size.



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